Bayelsa Pipeline Explosion: Over 50 Missing

Bayelsa Pipeline Explosion: Over 50 Missing

Over 50 people are missing as a result of oil pipeline explosion, thereby causing stampede in Bayelsa State, South – South, Nigeria, as reported by local official on Saturday.

The spokesman for the Nembe Chiefs Council, Chief Nengi James-Eriworio, said the blast early on Friday resulted in extensive oil spillage in the Nembe Kingdom in Bayelsa State. The trunk line in Nembe is operated by Aiteo Group, a Port Harcourt-based oil company which carries crude oil to the Bonny export terminal. Aiteo is yet to make comment on this as it is not confirmed if the pipeline has been shut down.

In the background of a video obtained by a local media which shows a great fire from the explosion at night as villagers watched on and a voice is heard in the background saying,. “If they turn off the oil well from the station, the pressure inside the pipeline would reduce, causing the flame to burn out,”.

The Niger Delta Region is highly polluted by oil companies and it is believed that most of the spillages are caused  by thieves, saboteurs, and those operating illegal refineries even when the FG is making efforts to facilitate the clean-up.

This has become a common occurrence. Early this year, it was reported that there was an overturned oil tanker explosion in Odukpani, Cross River State and many died while scooping the leaking fuel. Witnesses estimated up to 60 dead and many more like that are unreported.

Reported by Chukwusom Agolo

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