Book Review: Talent Is Never Enough By John C. Maxwell

Talent Is Never Enough

The main message of Talent Is Never Enough is that while talent often plays an indispensable role in facilitating success, true success is rarely a result of talent alone. Rather, it is a product of many other factors. Talent is Never Enough calls on readers to enhance and maximise their talents by making 13 major choices which will move them from being talented people to becoming “talent-plus” people.

The chapter headings give a good overview of what the book is all about:
1. Belief lifts your talents
Passion energises your talents
3. Initiative activates your talent
4. Focus directs your talents
5. Preparation positions your talent
6. Practice sharpens your talent
7. Perseverance sustains your talent
8. Courage tests your talent
9. Teachability expands your talent
10. Character protects your talent
11. Relationships influence your talent
12. Responsibility strengthens your talent
13. Teamwork multiplies your talent

Here are some words from the book that are worth mulling over:

“Lack of belief can act as a ceiling on talent. Your potential is a picture of what you can become. Belief helps you see the picture and reach for it.”
“When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do.” – Charles Schwab
“What we accomplish in life is based less on what we want and more on how much we want it. The secret to willpower is what someone once called wantpower.”

“Talent-plus people don’t wait for everything to be perfect to move forward. They don’t wait for all the problems or obstacles to disappear. They don’t wait until their fear subsides. They take initiative.”
“If you desire to achieve something, you first need to know what your target is… Attempting everything, like attempting nothing, will suck the life out of you.”

Packed with examples, quotes, and practical insights, Talent is Never Enough carries a message that is sorely needed by anyone who believes that his/her talent entitles him/her to success. If you’re such a person, this book will show you that you can be a talented person and still fall short of your potentials. To stand out you need to be a talent-plus person. It is not talent, but what you add to it, that makes the greatest difference. Talent in itself will not help you attain your full potential.

Book Review by Babatunde Oladele

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