Month: March 2018

What Employers Hate About Job Seekers- 10 Behaviors Employers Hate In Job Seekers

Recruiting an employee is arduous for an employer as recruiting eats up hours of staff time and energy. From planning the employee recruitment to interviews and the selection of a superior employee, current employees invest time and energy to select the right…

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What to Do When You Hate Your Job

I hate my job. I hate my company. I hate my boss. Many people do hate something or other about their work, and I can’t keep track of how many times I’ve seen those phrases lately. That’s not…

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How You Quit Your Job Really Matters

Exit your current job with grace to ensure your successful future. Unless you’re 16-years-old and in your first job, you’ve had the experience, at some point during your career, of quitting your job. And you’ll undoubtedly quit the job…

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