Golden Rules of Job Interview

You must understand that attending a job interview is not firing squad- it is not a death knell. Sometimes over-preparation could mere your chances or put fear into you. You should be well comported; exude good confidence and also:

  1. Dress corporate and sensibly to job interview
  2. Arrive at interview venue on time to avoid RUSH/ Confusion
  3. Knock before you enter the interview room
  4. Greet and wait to be offered a seat (show courtesy and decency)
  5. Do not place your bag or wares on the interview table before the interviewers
  6. Do not be angry at the interviewer(s) even when they ask irritating questions
  7. Do not be directly or indirectly insulting in your answers to questions- be polite
  8. Hammer much on your STRENGTH
  9. Do not attempt questions you do not know or understand
  10. Always put on smile while answering questions (it shows confidence and friendliness)
  11. Effectively manage your words (do not be too economical with words)
  12. Use words that are CLEAR and UNAMBIGUOUS to avoid misinterpretation
  13. Ask intelligent questions if given opportunity-


Job candidate’s performance may be based on:

  1. Overall personal impact (mannerisms, poise, confidence, appearance)
  2. Work experience in (if any) and suitability for position under consideration
  3. Knowledge of duties in the area of interest

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